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Image is everything...


Your community is the best there is, and you'll want to ensure that you have the best looking community, the most stunning common areas and the most attractive retention areas.  It all takes work, a lot of hard work, however RPM Highlands can help you achieve this through our custom service.


Every community is different to the next and every community has it's own needs, wants and of course budget!

Retention Areas


Whether you have a small area or acres that need servicing, we will work with you to schedule tasks based on the growth and visibility of the area.


Not all retention areas need a 'full' service each week so we can help plan what needs to be done throughout the year; and not just in the growing season.


We are 'kings' of doing those retention areas no-one wants; higher banks mixed in with dusty/sandy!


Make an impression


First impressions are important so a neat, tidy and well groomed front entrance is just one area we can help you.


But it doesn't stop there, what about the medians, what about the hedges and trees lining your community, what about the small landscaping works you need to maintain a stunning community to live in.

We're with you in any season


Maintaining a stunning community take hard work and it doesn't stop when the summer ends; this is a full time, full on task that we undertake for you.


The winter season means that you can take a step back, and focus on those areas you would like to improve for next season, look at investing in more fertilization and plant bed programs, look at the maintenance tasks which are better suited for colder days.


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