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Too many services to chose from!


At RPM Highlands we believe in providing our clients with the best solution, based on their dreams, their needs and of course their budgets.  Every home is different and not every service we offer is relevant, however we pride ourselves on being able and equipped to be your 'complete' lawn care and yard service provider.

Lawn Cutting

We want your lawn looking stunning so our technicians will cut it, edge it, weed-eat it and blown off any debris so everything is tidy.


Weeds are a constant battle in any yard, so we regularly spray the beds, and driveway/pathways and if needed manually remove them.  We can't promise we can get everything, but we endeavor to keep them under control.

Pest Control & Lawn Fertilization

Having a regular and effective pest control and fertilization service is key in maintaining a healthy lawn.


We provide a bi-monthly service throughout the year where your lawn will be sprayed by a licensed and professional technician; sprayed for pests and sprayed for fertilizing the lawn.  Just 6 applications a year but 6 worthwhile visits.

Plant Fertilization

Why not have your garden beds fertilized every 2 months; a manual process completed by our technicians to ensure that every inch of your garden bed is properly fertilized. 


By completing regularly, you will ensure that your planting gets all the nutrients it needs to help it grow and flourish.

  • Edging/weed-eater only services

  • Finishing/detailing services

  • Clean ups

  • Soft Landscaping

  • Planting - flowers, shrubs, palms etc

  • Tree & Palm Trimming

  • Sod installation

  • Mulching & stone

  • and so much more!!!!

Soft & Hard Landscaping projects


Irrigation Checks & Maintenance

To ensure that your lawn is looking it's best, your irrigation system and how it operates is paramount.  Too little water and your lawn gets dry, too much water and you get a letter from the water board, set the times wrong and you end up wasting water.  So many pitfalls in keeping your lawn healthy!


At RPM, we can offer a monthly irrigation check, where we test your system, check the heads and spray flow, check the zones and ensure it is running at its best.

Prunning & Trimming

Many home owners have some beautiful trees and hedges in their yard, however those trees, hedges and palms can sometime grow too big or need to be pruned on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to flourish.


We can provide ad-hoc pruning and trimming services or a regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and even 6 monthly services; which ever fits best with your budget, your yard and the season.



Sod & Mulch

Mulch in your garden, around trees, shrubs and hedges helps maintain moisture in the dirt and keeps nutrients in for them to grow.  It also looks very neat & pretty if laid right!  But often this gets overlooked by home owners, we can provide and lay for you


The same for sod; every once in a while you'll need parts or even all of an area replaced.  RPM can provide this service to you.  We complete the process a little different to the local competition but the results have spoken for themselves.



Communities we currently service include; Orange Tree, Weston HIlls, Citrus Highlands, Greater Groves, Mission Park, Sawgrass Bay, Tradds Landing, Sunrise Lakes, Woodbridge, Highlands Reserve, Legacy Park, Providence, Formosa Gardens, Westridge, Eastridge, and lots more...