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We want to make all your owners feel this relaxed!


As a property manager your key objective is to ensure that the guests that stay in your managed properties are relaxed, chilled and free from any day-to-day worries.  A happy guest is a happy owner.


So, when you work with RPM Highlands we become part of your trusted team, we work closely with you to ensure that your guests have the best experience whilst staying in one of your homes.


We can offer a complete lawn and yard service solution, so that you have one invoice from one company who is managing the services you chose for you.  We can provide you with service reports and highlight any areas of concern or issues raised by our team servicing your properties as they happen.  We will provide you will regular service schedule updates so you know where we'll be and at what time (within 3 hour window) and we will be able to advise who has serviced your property and when the last check was completed.

We can work with you or directly with the home owner; whichever option suits all parties.




Communities we currently service include; Orange Tree, Weston Hills, Citrus Highlands, Greater Groves, Mission Park, Sawgrass Bay, Tradds Landing, Sunrise Lakes, Woodbridge, Highlands Reserve, Legacy Park, Providence, Formosa Gardens, Indian Creek, Sunset Lakes, Westridge, Eastridge, and lots more...


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