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Coming Soon....


Pool Cleaning Services.  Yep, you heard right!

After feedback from our clients who have asked if we can provide a pool service that mirrors the high level we provide on their yards, we've decided to invest; by obtaining the proper licenses, accreditation, training certificates, equipment and appropriate insurances.

We expect to have completed all these tasks for 1st April and be in a position to offer our pool services to both existing and new clients.  So let us know if you'd be interested.

Our Pool Services would include the following;

  • Weekly visit

  • Test the chemical level

  • Visual check of levels & water clarity

  • Add appropriate chemicals to balance any offsets

  • Sweep/brush the pool sides

  • Vacuum if required

  • Replace pool covers after visit if necessary

  • Clean filters bi-weekly during the summer, min 4 weekly during winter

  • Hose down pool deck as required*

  • Regular service day

    Prices starting from $95 per month


*client would need to ensure that a hose and spray attachment was available near pool cage door (which is operational), RPM would not move furniture, rugs, storage bins to hose down - so would be the main pool deck area only.  Client would need to provide or agree to have a manual timer fitted to the hose so that any water top ups could be started and left to run.




*Services are provided on a rolling basis and are invoiced within 7 days of the service being delivered.  Payment is required within 7 days. A min of 7 days notice is required to cancel either of these 2 services.  Prices based on a typical property lot.  Initial visit charge may be higher if the property has not had a proper service for 30 days or more, or if the edge or hedges are severely overgrown; this is sometimes referred to as a clean up service visit.