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It's not just 'any old' service either, it's different.  It is completely custom to each home and its owner.  Designed for those home owners who don't rent out their home but can be away from it for weeks at a time; who ultimately need someone on the ground to look out for their home and interests.  Provided as the client needs it with NO long term or fixed contract.

Complete Care


Our HomeWatch service is completely custom.  We will work with you and identify what you want and actually need.  All requests considered.


Your needs may range from a weekly or bi-weekly inspection visit (inside & out), post collection, meeting contractors, arranging maintenance visits,  maybe a more in depth monthly visit, the list can go on.


At every visit, you will receive a report together with any comments or concerns from our team; so you are continually informed about your home.

You are NOT tied into a fixed contract or monthly invoices; if you not here for 6 months of year and want those months taken care of, you'll only pay for those 6 months!



Unusal Requests?


Your house, your home so when you need something a little different from a service visit, we can take care of it for you.


Whether it is liasing with contractors and managing projects on your behalf, ensuring you have a fridge full of food when you get back into town or fresh sheets on the bed; every detail is important, every detail is personal to you.

Safe & Secure


Your HomeWatch service is managed and delivered by Tammy; the Owner and Director.



She will take responsibility for the care of your home whilst you are away and she will liaise with you directly - ensuring you have a completely personal service.

"A great service and glad I found them, never have to worry now when we're away from the property as a quick email or phone call and they are there.  Just pay for what I need with no retainer fees!"

Service Examples


  • Weekly Service Visit

  • Bi-Weekly Service Visit

  • Monthly Service Visit

  • Quarterly Service Visit

  • Vacation Cover

  • Mail collection & scanning

  • Contractor liaison - pool, lawn, A/C, pest, projects

  • HOA Liaison


Custom solutions for unique customers!



RPM Highlands is NOT a property management company and therefore is not licensed to receive funds from paying guests for rentals.  However, if you manage your own bookings, collect your own payments, then we can provide 'on the ground'  guest support services, including but not limited to onsite assistance, maintenance, pool services, arrival/departure cleans.   Starts at $30 per visit.

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