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 Service Contracts

As we are focused on service and the quality of the service we provide to you, we have a number of options available; options that help you maintain a stunning yard and yet keep within that all important monthly budget.....


RPM's Monthly Lawn Care service is for those home owners that want a bit more from the usual cut, weed-eat & edge that many other local companies provide; consistent, reliable and quality led service!.


We believe in a one-stop shop and therefore we'll provide a great cut, edge the lawn, weed-eat around the property and/or fences, trim the bushes and hedges* and keep on top of those pesky garden weeds.  So when we're done you have a great looking yard; week after week.


High quality and consistency of services delivered is what we are known locally for, and is what we provide.  

Summer season runs from 1st April to 30 September, during which the property would receive a weekly service visit.  Winter season runs from 1st October to 31st March, during which the property would receive a bi-weekly visit.

Prices start from $110 per month


You may want something different or something more,  you might have pool plants or lots of palms/trees that need taking good care of, you might want lawn pest control, you might want our services for 1 particular task; if our usual service option is not for you then our Premier & Bespoke service is.


It does exactly what is says; it is bespoke, custom, unique to your needs.

Call or contact us for a FREE quote

now for the small print;


*Service contracts are invoiced monthly and are for a 12 month rolling period.  They are invoiced on the 1st of each month.  Payment of the invoice is due no later than the 15th day of the month to ensure that services continue in the following month.  No payment, no service. We will provide each new client with an onsite visit and quotation for the services requested and  reserve the right to review the pricing based on the area/size/quantity of works required.  Irrigation checks that are completed do not include any maintenance or parts if applicable; RPM is also not responsible for the water usage - we will notify you if there are any areas of dry lawn so that you can make the decision on how to rectify (often increasing water usage).  Full details and terms are available on request.

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