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After being approached by a number of our customers, RPM hIghlands is looking to formally introduce a new service 'Home Watch' with the month of September.

With 'Home Watch' we will in essence watch you home for you, we will visit your property and follow a 15 point checklist to ensure that your home is safe and secure.

With weekly, bi-weekly and monthly visits available we can create a custom schedule to fit your needs.

Maybe you just want someone to 'keep an eye on things', maybe you just want you mail checked and a walk around your home, maybe you want someone to ensure your property is clean, tidy and bed linen changed on your arrival, maybe you want someone to do your essential shop so that you have need when you arrive, the options are endless and the service bespoke.

Watch this space! Contact Tammy on 352-217-5311 or 855-848-7035 if you are interested in this new service.

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