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Job well done

You work hard to teach your kids the value of working hard and putting in the effort so that you can be rewarded, and whilst it is fair to say that most kids see money as the main reward, sometimes, just sometimes, they can appreciate the simple things like just doing a job right and doing it well.

RPM was chuffed to win a contract to help a client to clear up their property. The property was a foreclosure and had been sitting without any TLC for over 11 weeks, so it was overgrown, hedges had grown to a point that they had a mind of their own, 3 massive trees in the yard needed cutting back and taken off the roof, palms needed a good haircut, no working irrigation and the sod, well lets not go there. All-in-all it was a very challenging and labor intensive job but one that as a team delivered on.

The yard looks 10 x better, 20 x better, in fact so much better that it looks like a different property.

Like always, the team got involved and simply got on with it; including our smallest family member who just loved the fact they could get so dirty and not get told off for it!.

If you have a project that needs doing, maybe your yard is in need of a good tidy up or you have planting that needs some TLC, then call us and let us see what we can do for you.

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