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Winter is a coming - is your irrigation set right?

In a months time; 4th November, the winter watering schedule for many counties kicks into place. Basically it goes from 2 days a week down to 1 day a week; unless you're on reclaimed water whereby the rules may be slightly different.

The counties, particularly Polk County, will no doubt be out at communities at all hours of the day and night checking that their residents are following the rules, and if you're not, don't be surprised to find a citation notice stuck to your front door.

So the advice, simply is, be prepared and get your irrigation system control box checked and adjusted as need be.

If you need help doing this, or maybe it has been a while since your system was given a thorough check, RPM is able to provide an irrigation check service for your property - call Tammy to find out more on pricing and options.

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