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Sod, Sod and more Sod

You'd think that the run up to the holidays would be starting to ease down in terms of landscaping but no, RPM has had a full order book with clients; new & old, looking to get those jobs done before the year is out. In fact, the team will be working right up to the 23rd and in between the holidays to ensure we can deliver them all.

The 'hot' job is the replacing of Sod in yards. From November to March ish is a great time to replace grass, yes its colder so it doesn't grow as fast but ironically it has a better chance of taking root and then establishing itself. We work a little different to typical sod layers in that we don't use a cutter to strip the grass off. Our method may take a little longer but it produces less waste and ensures that the foundation that the new sod goes on is richer.

So what's different - well it isn't rocket science, the area is cleared using a tiller. The tiller rotivates the area leaving grass and roots which are then are hand collected. The dirt is churned to a deeper level than that of a cutter which brings nutrients further down up to the surface, also encouraging worms up. The area is then fertilized and given a good watering. The end result is that the new sod is laid 1-2 days later and so far, touch wood, takes root far better than the traditional method.

Am pleased to report that every job we have completed using this method has been successful; weeks & months on from it being laid, it still looks green & healthy (proper irrigation & lawn fertilization of course helps maintain this!).

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