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Mona, Mona, Mona

Despite all the sunshine in Florida there are many properties that have areas of their yard that are shady or remain shaded throughout the day, so when choosing planting for these make sure you read the label!

A lot of planting commonly available in garden centers or DIY stores tend to focus more on sun and part sun planting; as this is what their customers usually want. Trouble is, a plant that is good for the sun is not good in the shade and vice versa. It's not rocket science but as planting for shadier areas are typically not as colorful in choice, many home owners take the risk and plant the 'wrong' thing - hoping it will grow.

But, if you hunt around and you know who to talk to, you can find some gems that can add color and structure to your beds; and as not many people do think hard about it you'll probably find you'll have something quite unique in your yard.

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