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Special Landscape Project

The client wanted a red, white & blue planting scheme; which is actually quite tricky to do based on the planting options and indeed the time of the year.

We had a blank canvas. The beds were pretty boring and just filled with stone (8 tonnes of it!) and our client wanted something that would 'pop' every time they pulled up to the property.

Challenge accepted!

So all the old stone dug up and re-purposed around the perimeter of the property; created a drainage edge all the way around. 3 benefits, stone moved, rain run off drainage created and a great looking edge to finish off the perimeter.

Next source the plants and chose placing. We were given a budget and our client let me chose what to plant; trusted my choices and believed in the vision. 85 plants were planted, many of which were special dwarf varieties & frost proof species - far easier for both the client and us to maintain going forward!

New sod in certain sections, irrigation repairs and a fresh load of mulch to protect the plants for the first 6-9 months of their life (stone going down later next year after they've had time to 'bed' down and establish themselves).

Finally, a custom 7 LED light system to make the property & planting pop some more; blue theme of course.

An excellent project to be involved in, for many reasons - the best, is the client seeing it for the first time and loving it.

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