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Soccer Fundraiser - U16s Boys

RPM got involved with a local boys soccer team for Halloween, and helped them raise funds for their next tournament.

The team started in May 2015 as U14's, made up of 18 local boys all keen to play soccer competitively; now their U16's. Whilst only 4 of the original 2015 team remain, the team has continued to grow, develop and succeed in the GCFYSL. Finishing 2nd, by 1 point :( in Division 2, with the highest goal difference of all teams participating in the local division; 18!

RPM donated landscaping fabric, 7 gallon plant pots, wood, paint and plenty of time to help them build carnival games for the club event. The team helped out on the stalls, led by their Captain; Jake (one of the originals).

Great fun was had by all!

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