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How much stone?!!

Spent the last 2 days at a clients prepping all the front & side beds for a weed fabric to go down and nice new stone. We've got muscles aching today that never knew we had!

Whilst this clients property beds were already in great shape, they wanted to swap out the mulch for white river rock; making it easier to maintain going forward, less maintenance and of course creating a 'pop' to their flower beds. So a day spent raking, bagging and disposing of the mulch in the beds, laying a thick barrier fabric in between all of their planting - getting it prepped right. Yesterday was then all day shoveling 7 c/yards of loose stone to all the beds; couldn't just 'dump' it as the beds have so many plants in.

Tired and sore but both we and our client very happy with the end result. Take a look at the before, during and after shots - pretty good if I do say so myself!


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