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Are you keeping your plants healthy?

....probably not is the answer that most home owners will answer, purely and simply as they may not know what they ought to do to keep them healthy. So lets get down to the basics, a plant, hedge, shrub needs water, food and in some species shelter; very similar to us humans!

1 - We are not getting as much rain as last year, so first off, you need to check you have your irrigation set right and that times for certain zones are enough for what it is watering. Remember though, most counties state that you cannot run a zone for more than 1hr for each scheduled watering day.

2 - Give your planting a good feed, whether you prefer a liquid fertilizer, a granular one or the old faithful natural compost variety, they all need a boost right now.

3 - Add mulch and top up the mulch in the areas with planting. The mulch acts as an insulator for them, storing and holding water keeping the root ball moist in drier times. It helps controls the growth of weeds in the beds and of course has a cosmetic, visual benefit to the yard. A good quality mulch laid at a minimum of 2.5" should last for a 6-8 month period before you need to top up again or replace. A natural color mulch is also a better investment as colored versions, despite their claims of 12mths color, often they will start to look dull and you'll find yourself topping up far more frequently as the mulch is far lighter and smaller than a natural option.

4 - Shelter is important for newly installed plants or those susceptible to frost/cold. We have had some cold nights of late and placing a sheet or cover over those new plants can help protect them. Yes, it may look odd but we're sure you'd rather have a bed full of healthy plants that one that doesn't. Move plants in pots into a lanai or sheltered area if you have one (but not into the garage!) for a while.

Again RPM has the experience to help you if you are struggling; its what we do!

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