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A riot of color

Plant shopping for me is like most other woman's crux for shoe and purse shopping; just love it. Can spend hours at my local nursery wandering up and down the rows upon rows of trees & shrubs. Every time I go, he has grown something different or has something new to show me, and every time I go I come away with more stuff than I intended to buy.

BUT, its new love of all things green that benefit our clients, as the small selection I picked up yesterday is going in at 2 of our clients properties. Landscaping & plants is indeed a very personal thing, however the Florida climate does dictate a lot of the time what will work and & grow in a yard. So with every request I get, we talk about what they want, where it's going, what are their favorite colors, what their favorite plants are and then from there work on a plan to make it happen.

I am in quite a unique position with my clients in that they simply allow me a budget and I go out and spend. This allows me the flexibility then to chose planting which may be unusual, something which they may not have considered but ultimately work with what stock is available and indeed what the season dictates. A perfect arrangement!

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