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Updating a back yard space

So a client of ours needed dead and dying Pittisporum hedges coming out along one side of their pool cage and wanted something that added a wow to their yard.

Our client is going through remission at the moment and plants are one of the things that truly brings them joy; planting from seeds, bulbs or bare roots, watching them grow and giving them something new to see everyday.

So the hedges came out today and after a trip to the local nursery we brought back some really large Viburnum Ordortism (hedge) to create a good strong natural privacy screen, a mature 4 trunk red Crepe myrtle tree, a mature 5 gallon Mamy Croton, some hot pink Bourganvillivea, a few oyster plants, milkweed, hibiscus and the show stopper being a rare dwarf Crepe myrtle bush (Catwaba); a riot of violet blooms 7-8 months of the year. All finished off with jumbo stone and a basic edge.

A lot of hard work and energy to get them in and settled but totally worth it. The picture truly doesn't do it justice.

Enjoy and you are very welcome!

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